What Are the Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings?

What Are the Types of

Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Residential Epoxy
There are many amazing qualities, benefits, and possibilities available to you when you choose an epoxy floor coating. These benefits apply to all sorts of settings, but there are many options to choose from which can leave you feeling a little disoriented.

As an alternative to traditional concrete, epoxy floors come with many benefits, such as amazing durability, great aesthetic qualities, and incredibly easy maintenance. An epoxy coating is also great at reflecting light and increasing brightness and visibility, especially in work environments. Ahead, we’ll take you through some of the types of epoxy floor coatings available and what each has to offer to help you find the one that’s fit for you and your purpose.

Self Leveling Epoxy Floors
Garage Floor Epoxy
Self levelling epoxy floors is the standard, being available to commercial, industrial, and residential customers in a whole wide range of colors and effects. The self leveling epoxy is also great at repairing any cracks or any other damage that might have appeared in the floor, and is extremely durable, most widely used in all kinds of commercial and residential environments and locations, such as garages, kitchens, showrooms, warehouses, manufacturing sites, and more.
  • Comes in many thicknesses for any application
  • Easy to clean with a level, seamless surface
  • Incredibly resistant to damage
Epoxy Mortar Coatings
Epoxy Mortar Coating
Those looking to find an epoxy floor coating that can truly stand up to huge impacts and is fully resistant to chemicals and other sorts of spills, epoxy mortar flooring is most likely the way to go. Additional treatments are also available, such as anti-slip additives, for example, that can further increase the safety of those using the floor. Like the self levelling epoxy, epoxy mortar floorings are also commonly used to repair cracks before adding other types of epoxy on top. Commercial settings such as kitchens, restaurants, warehouses, garages, and manufacturing plants most commonly take advantage of this type of epoxy flooring.
  • Includes graded sand and is troweled in place
  • Heavy-duty coating designed for industrial and harsh commercial settings
  • Extremely resistant to impact and chemicals
Quartz Epoxy Floors
Make Your Garage Safer
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
A mix of stained quartz grains and high-performance epoxy polymer resin, quartz filled epoxy floors are extremely durable, and highly resistant to heavy foot traffic. As such, this has lead to the flooring being used in places in need of a truly sturdy flooring solution. Quartz epoxy floors can also be well utilized in areas that require a decorative floor but with great sanitary properties and slip resistance, and is especially good at hiding dirt and keeping up the appearance of being clean, often being used in environments such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showrooms, offices, schools and lobbies.
  • Range of colors including bright jewel tones and natural hues
  • Great for areas with frequent spills like commercial kitchens and manufacturing plants
  • Greater resistance to scratches and abrasion than regular self-leveling epoxy
Anti Static Epoxy Floors
Anti static epoxy floor coatings hold an incredibly conductive compound, which can reduce any static related hazards in your work space by accumulating any static electricity around and dissipating any of the potential discharge. In addition, any workplaces that feature any flammable materials would especially benefit greatly from anti static epoxy floor coatings. Electronic, healthcare, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing facilities all over the world take great advantage of this type of flooring system, as well as those that commonly employ the use of flammable gasses or liquids that run the risk of combustible explosions.
  • Reduces the risk of accidental static discharge
  • Protects sensitive electronics
  • Same durability and longevity of traditional epoxy coatings
Epoxy Flake Coatings
Epoxy Flake Flooring
Flake epoxy floor coatings can be found everywhere due to their popularity. The epoxy resin is mixed with colorful flakes of vinyl chips. When applied, it gives the flooring its colorful, multi-hued look that resembles granite. Not only do flake epoxy floor coatings provide a great, seamless and aesthetically pleasing look, however, but they also offer great friction thanks to the subtle grooves found in the floor, offering fantastic resistance to minimize any potential slips and trips.
  • Great for reducing slip and falls
  • Adds visual interest and texture to your floor
  • Incredibly durable against abrasion, chemicals, moisture, and more