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When your pool decking has become damaged, faded or maybe you’re just tired of your old and boring concrete pool deck, it may be time to make a change. Other companies will try and charge you an arm and a leg for a completely unnecessary tear out of your current concrete just to install a different material.

We offer our neighbors a more affordable solution with our pool deck resurfacing services that use your existing concrete to apply a new surface material. We want to tell you a little more about our services and how we can save you money and time!

Thomasville Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing Thomasville Georgia


Pavers are an excellent material if you want to make your backyard appear sleek and modern. Pavers are an excellent material for pool deck resurfacing as they provide a smooth surface that offers amazing traction, even when they are wet. Since pavers are typically a light color, they are excellent at reflecting sunlight, resulting in a nice cool concrete pool decking that won’t burn your feet! We recommend our pavers to our customers that want a more sophisticated appearance in their pool decking.

Pool Deck Repair


Stamped concrete is a wonderful way to make your backyard an oasis that you don’t have to travel halfway around the world for. With a stamped concrete, you have many different textures and colors you can choose from. We can replicate stone, tile and even pavers. If you want an extremely realistic pool decking, we can even use multiple pigments to create an effect of high and lows that make the replicated stone appear more like real stone!

Cool Pool Deck Coating


Kool Decking has been one of the most popular and trusted materials for concrete pool decking since it was first created in 1962. When using Kool Decking for pool deck resurfacing, you will see how fast and affordable this process can truly be. Kool Decking has a texture that proved extreme grip in wet areas as well as an acrylic paint that reflects sunlight. This paint makes your concrete up to 20 degrees cooler!


Are you not sure that pool deck resurfacing for you? Well, we are proud to say that when you resurface your concrete pool decking a ton of amazing benefits will be brought along with this process. Below we have outlined only a few of the many benefits you will gain when you resurface pool decking in Thomasville.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

When your pool decking has become damaged or faded, it can become a serious safety hazard for you and your family. This is because cracking can cause a tripping hazard and a faded pool deck won’t reflect heat as well as it should, resulting in burnt feet.

  • All of our materials are solid or receive a sealer to make the surface unable to absorb any liquids, resulting in no stains
  • Pool deck resurfacing can offer you hundreds of different ways to customize your backyard.
  • We guarantee that our materials can increase the life of your concrete by absorbing foot traffic in a high traffic area.
  • We offer more affordable solutions compared complete tear out and replacement of concrete because we use your existing concrete.
  • All of our concrete pool deck materials are super easy to maintain, so you can have more fun in your pool instead of cleaning your deck for hours.
  • We love what we do, so it is our promise to you that you will receive a finished product that will turn your neighbors green with envy.
  • We can be in and out of your backyard, depending on what material you choose and how big your backyard is, we can be finished in as little as 3 days!

While tile pool decking is a rare and unconventional method of pool deck resurfacing, it shouldn’t dimish the benefits of tile at all. When the tile is installed on a concrete pool deck, we recommend using only light colored tiles as they do an amazing job of reflecting sunlight so your feet can stay nice and cool, even in direct sunlight.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost
Resurface Pool Deck

Concrete overlays are a one a kind coating for your concrete pool deck. When you resurface a pool deck with a concrete overlay, you have many options of color and even texture. A concrete overlay is also an amazing material that can protect your concrete slab from the harsh chemicals that are found in your pool and even heavy foot traffic.


If you’re not looking to spend your entire budget on your pool decking, we understand and we can offer you a service that can save you time and money. When you apply a fresh coat of paint, your decking will almost appear to transform into a completely new concrete pool decking. If you have been lucky enough for your concrete pool decking to resist cracking or bald spots, the paint may be all you need if you’re not ready to make any major changes. When you make the choice to repaint your existing pool decking, you will enjoy the like new benefits such as excellent traction and heat resistance, all at an affordable price that will make you and your wallet happy!

Concrete Pool Deck Repair
Pool Cool Deck


Unfortunately, the inevitability that your concrete pool decking will become damaged is as sure as the sun rising every morning. But, we offer you some good news! We can save your concrete from minor and hairline cracks, wear from being exposed to the elements and chlorinated pool water and even your personal tastes; if you wish to change your pool decking just because you don’t enjoy it, there really isn’t a time limit.

  • We can repair all minor and hairline cracks in your concrete slab with a material that is specially formulated to restrict the movement and growth of the crack so it won’t come back for a very long time.
  • We offer various solutions for a faded pool decking that don’t require a totally different coating to be installed. We can paint and repair any bald spots that may have come into existence through the harsh elements and wear and tear.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair any structural damage. If you’re unsure if your concrete can be repaired, call us today for a free no obligation quote!
Pool Deck Crack Repair


Resurfacing your concrete pool deck is an affordable way to completely transform your backyard into an area that will be sure to get people talking. We offer various types of materials that can be applied any way you wish, we even offer the selection of multiple materials because some just look too good together. Another benefit of adding more than one material to your concrete pool decking is the fact the at the more materials you use, the more your pool decking will be true to you, not to mention more benefits for you. Our team of contractors have decades of experience resurfacing pool decks so they can even give you some insight about designing your concrete pool decking if you wish; it is their passion after all!
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