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With decades of combined experience in the Thomasville area, we are a team who loves to turn your floors into art. We know that your floors, in an industrial setting, play a crucial role in the work that you accomplish. We want you to know that our team is a group of licensed and experienced individuals who love what they do. With excellent customer service records and even better project results, we want you to work with us in designing a floor that you will love. Below is a list of benefits and reasons why an epoxy flooring system is a right choice no matter what industrial setting you’re in.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Thomasville

Food & Beverage

In a facility where cleanliness is a must and hygienic tests are meticulously done, an epoxy flooring system is commonly installed. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and even easier to keep clean because of the top layer on top of the concrete surface. The rigid top isolates spill and resists any permeation by other damaging chemicals. It is vital that food & beverage facilities stay up to their code or they risk being shut down.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating


Having perfection in a facility that handles all types of different drugs is mandatory and could cost industries and government’s millions of dollars if health codes were violated. High shine gloss floors are normally sought after by clients in such a business because they lighten a facility without the need for extra lights being installed; thus, saving companies a lot of money. Industrial epoxy floors are some the brightest shining floors on the market.

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating


Industrial epoxy flooring systems are easily maintained, that some facilities who are required to abide by health codes as strict as keeping dust off of merchandise and machinery, that they are quickly searched for. Simple sweeping and the occasional mopping will suffice to keep dust and debris out of the facility, ensuring a very pristine work environment. Some packaging companies handle more than food and are bound by the law to enforce health codes that involve their floors were spotless. Epoxy floors are the most popular option for industries across the country because of their stellar ability to maintain codes without much effort.

Maintenance of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

What is it that makes epoxy so popular among some of the most important industries in the nation? The benefits offered by an epoxy floor go unmatched by the day and we are excited to share those benefits with you. Below you will see how to easily maintain an epoxy floor followed by the incredible benefits offered by said floors.

Floor Epoxy Industrial
  • An easy sweep of daily debris will help keep any harmful pieces from penetrating the epoxy floors surface.
  • Daily mopping is encouraged to simply keep cleanliness up to par, but your floors will be impeccable regardless.
  • Wipe away any spills that could cause immediate harm to you, your fellow employees or customers, and chemicals that could cause harm to your floors in the long run.
  • Deep cleaning is not encouraged, especially with harsh detergents and chemicals.
  • Power washing is rarely encouraged and should be discussed with one of our experts before subjecting your floors to one.

Industrial epoxy floors are incredibly affordable. From an average of $3-$12 per square foot and a 20 plus year lifespan, epoxy floors return their own investment. When professionally installed, epoxy floors will outlast any other flooring system you could think of and would look just as beautiful as the first day we installed it. Epoxy concrete floors are cost-effective for anyone on a budget.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Thomasville Ga
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Thomasville Ga
Durable & Eco-Friendly

If you work in an environment where water, chemicals, and harmful fluids are being used then you need an epoxy floor. With a solid top coat, your concrete floors will not absorb any spills that would otherwise damage the surface. Concrete is naturally very porous and would absorb any chemicals or water that would cause it to breakdown.

Resistant and Forgiving

Epoxy floors are resistant to wear and tear caused by heavy use. Whether it be heavy foot-traffic or machinery, your concrete epoxy floors will not break down because of the resin and hardener mixture that has cured with your concrete. Whether it be forklifts or people, your floors will last through them all.

Epoxy floors have a seamless and glass-like finish which makes them the perfect flooring option for areas with heavy vehicle and machinery. The soft smooth surface that an epoxy floor provides is more forgiving on machinery than other flooring types, thus, reducing the amount of replacement you have to handle with both your floors and machinery.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems
Epoxy Floor Coatings Industrial

Aesthetics & Safety

Your epoxy floors appearance does not affect its ability to perform well in your workspace. Epoxy floors bring a sense of elegance and strength into any space they are professionally installed in. You can decide on color, design, texture, and a pattern that best display your vision for your facility. We encourage you to speak to one of our professionals to receive more information on the beauty epoxy floors offers.

Beauty does not negate safety, especially in a working environment. Epoxy floors have the opportunity to be constructed into some of the safest floors around, by adding features that can only be applied to epoxy industrial floors. Some floors can be installed to be temperature, fire, slip, and water resistant. Epoxy floor coatings also increase brightness to an incredible degree, so visibility is high in facilities that have professionally installed epoxy flooring systems.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating System

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