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When it is time to evaluate, replace or install new flooring in your home or place of business it is important that you get the flooring that gives you the most bang for your buck. While some flooring may have a really good feature or look spectacular, we have a solution for you that offers all of the features you need, and then some. We are happy to offer our epoxy flooring to our neighbors in Thomasville, GA! Our epoxy flooring offers superior durability, resistance to harsh chemical and even the ability to supply grip, even in wet areas.


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Medicinal facilities trust our epoxy flooring as it is an approved flooring by the USDA for its seamless and hygienic surface. This is extremely important in these facilities as the seamless surface offers no place of refuge to germs or viruses that may hide away and reproduce into a severe health hazard. The seamless surface also makes epoxy flooring very easy to maintain with no crooks or crannies that require to be cleaned out.

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Just like medicinal facilities, food and beverage plants, kitchens and even restaurants trust epoxy flooring for its approval from the USDA. This is critical as uncleaned food or water particles can form in cracks producing mold or mildew which can cause a food facility to be shut down. Restaurants love epoxy flooring for its ability to handle heavy pedestrian foot traffic and even dropped objects like dishes without showing signs of wear and tear.

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Epoxy flooring is so durable they can handle traffic from heavy aircraft on a daily basis without cracking or wavering. Epoxy flooring is perfect for these environments as they can even handle all the heavy equipment required to work on aircraft with ease. Since aircraft require oils and lubricants to perform as they should, epoxy flooring is the perfect flooring as they resist stains from the harshest chemicals and oils that are found even in these facilities.


Are you still wondering why many of your neighbors and business owners are making the switch to epoxy flooring in Thomasville? Don’t know why epoxy flooring is becoming such a common occurrence? Below we have gathered only a few of the many reasons epoxy flooring has become such an attractive flooring to everyone.

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    Did you know that epoxy flooring is one of the easiest flooring systems on the market to maintain? This is because epoxy flooring maintains its shiny appearance through a specially formulated topcoat resin, not through the use of polishes or waxes.

  • Epoxy flooring offers a flooring system that can reflect light so effectively it can actually brighten up your room or facility so you can cut down on use of extra lighting. This keeps your home or business safer and cheaper to operate.
  • For our residential clients, our epoxy floor coatings can actually increase the value of your home as epoxy flooring is infinite times more attractive than bare and boring concrete.
  • Withstands hot tire pick up, forklift traffic, and constant foot traffic.
  • When you choose epoxy floor coatings, you are able to customize your flooring with multiple colors, designs, metallic pigments, and even your favorite sports teams logo or your companies logo in your storefront.
  • Auto shops and residential garages benefit from epoxy flooring extreme chemical resistance that will leave your flooring without stains, even when exposed to gasoline or oil.
  • Epoxy floor coatings offer a flooring that can withstand sub-zero temperatures making epoxy flooring perfect for refrigeration or freezer facilities.

There has been a common misconception by our residential clients that you can only install epoxy flooring in the garage. We are here to tell you that this is completely false. When you decide to install an epoxy floor coating in your home you will receive a modern and simplistic look that can only be achieved by epoxy. We recommend our metallic epoxy flooring that can replicate lava flow or waves!

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Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

We understand the strict policies and guidelines that the flooring in your industrial facility must follow in order to maintain a safe and productive workday. With our industrial strength epoxy coatings, we can offer benefits that no other flooring can offer such as specialized coatings for your purpose, extreme tolerance to wear and tear and even fast install times all at an affordable price.


Commercial facilities require flooring that can be abused, cleaned easily and lasts a long time to keep workers working. We offer our commercial neighbors a flooring solution that won’t only keep work flowing, we can make work for your employees safer as well. Our commercial epoxy floor coating can create a brighter area through light reflection, making objects on the floor easier to spot as well as less eyestrain on your employees while completing tasks. With our epoxy flooring, we can also customize how your warehouse may be laid out with the use of stencils placed under the top layer of epoxy so they cant become dirty and unable to be seen. This includes arrows to direct forklift or employee traffic, no freight zones, and even walk paths and labels for specific items. With commercial epoxy flooring, you can turn your facility into a streamlined, safe and cheaper operation so you can sleep at night knowing your company is making money and changing lives.

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The maintenance on epoxy flooring is the easiest among all other flooring as it doesn’t require any type of wax or polish to provide its shiny appearance and as it doesn’t stain easily. Though it is easy to maintain, maintenance should not be placed on the backburner as maintenance is a huge factor in how long your flooring can last. We recommend that you clean any type of moisture or chemical ASAP. For daily clean up, we recommend the use of a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to remove any loose debris followed by a standard mop with any cleaners you may desire. If your epoxy flooring has become heavily soiled, we recommend you remove all debris followed by a wash down with a hose. If any stains or residues remain after being washed, use a stiff nylon brush with CLR to lift these stains by using circular motions. After that, your floor should be sparkling just like new!

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The process of installing an epoxy floor is a process that determines how long your flooring is going to last as well as how durable it is going to be. This is why we prefer that you leave this process up to us, our epoxy flooring contractors have decades of combined experience so they know how to get the job done right the first time around. The first step is removing the current flooring you have installed, if no flooring is present, we continue on to the next step. The next step is filling all the cracks with a material that restricts the cracks growth. We then use either diamond wheel grinding or shot blasting to open the pores and profile the concrete slab to ensure a tight bond. We then apply a coat of epoxy primer which makes the bond even tighter to the epoxy and concrete. Depending on how big the job is and what type of epoxy you choose, the next steps may vary. If you want to know more, be sure to talk with your epoxy flooring contractor!

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