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Do you want the look and texture of a wood floor without all of a wood floors downfall? Wood stamped concrete is the way to go. With a wood-concrete flooring system, you will have a high-performing long-lasting floor without the constant need to repair and replace it. With years of experience, our Georgia epoxy team knows just how to handle residential and commercial flooring needs. For more information on floor installation, give us a call.


Wood Stamped Concrete


When you choose to hire our team, you are choosing a group of professional individuals who know how to handle any situation. We are a group of licensed professionals with decades of combined experience, so don’t trust just anyone with your concrete wood floor installation, call the experts.

Concrete Wood Floor


We don’t want to interrupt your routine more than we have too. We know how tedious it can be to have work being done on your property so we want to assure you ahead of time, we will be quick and efficient. We pride ourselves on our high-performing floors and do not want to risk the final product at any cost; however, with years of experience, we are quick so not to prolong any home or business delays.

Wood Floor Epoxy


You do not have to sacrifice your budget for a beautiful floor, not with us. We believe high-end materials for low-end prices and we will work with you. Our main goal is to serve you to the best of our ability, and we will guarantee satisfaction at the end of every project.


Are you looking for all of the benefits of an epoxy grade concrete wood floor? The benefits are endless for both commercial and residential settings. You can have an appealingly authentic wood floor that is actually concrete for a much more affordable price. Below are only some of many more benefits wood concrete floors offer your property.

Georgia Wood Stamped Concrete
    Easily maintained, easily installed, and affordable at every corner. Epoxy flooring is the best option when you want to save time and money. Decorative concrete is the most popular flooring option on the market for many reasons:

  • Wood appearing concrete floors are long-lasting and resilient.
  • Your surfaces will be resistant to wear and tear, unlike real wood floors.
  • Concrete wood lasts for decades without any need to repair or replace your floors.
  • Concrete floors are much more affordable both long-term and short-term. Installation fees are lower but so is the maintenance.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance can keep your floors around for a long time. There is no need for extensive treatments that take away time and money.
  • Stain and impact resistant floors are impossible to find when you want authentic wood. Concrete wood not only looks and feels like the real thing but does not damage easily.
Commercial Wood Concrete

Commercial settings like stores, retail centers, business buildings, hotels, and so many more industries utilize concrete wood because epoxy flooring is long-lasting and resistant to common and uncommon issues. If you’re a business that handles high levels of foot traffic, it is crucial to have a floor that doesn’t damage easily, that is not a quality real wood has.

Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood
Residential Wood Concrete

Home floors need to be able to withstand throughout the years without constant treatment and repair. A wood floor will require constant care and attention because, without strict routine maintenance, it will not last. Your home floors should allow you to live any lifestyle you choose, move around furniture, and not damage easily. For a strong wood-like floor, wood concrete is the best option.


Your basement does not have to be dark and dingy just because it is out of sight. A basement area can be turned into a beautiful area that guests and family utilize. The qualities offered by strong and resistant floors benefit your garage for so many reasons. Epoxy floors offer water resistance, meaning, moisture cannot penetrate a concretes surface. When water sits inside of concretes pores it creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria that can spread into different levels of your home if left unattended.
With a strong resistant floor in your basement that will not stain, scratch, or break under pressure you can turn your basement into a usable part of your home. Because there are no cracks between boards in a wood-concrete flooring system, there is no space that will allow water, oils, or fluids to leak into the foundation of your floors.

Concrete That Looks Like Wood


These are certain steps that cannot be skipped when installing a concrete wood flooring system because all of the benefits previously mentioned will be compromised. When installing a wood epoxy flooring system, it is important to check the concretes foundation, administer moisture tests, and fix any broken, cracked, or chipped areas on the concrete.
Once the preliminary actions have been taken, your floors will quite literally be stamped. This technique will bring to life a floor that looks and feels like authentic wood but does not damage, does not require treatments, and does not breakdown over time. With a wood-concrete floor, you have all of the strengths of concrete, all of the aesthetic appeal of wood, and none of the drawbacks.

Stamped Concrete Wood Look


  • Even though wood concrete floors are resistant, they still require a level of maintenance. Regular sweeping and light mopping are encouraged.
  • When wet mopping, avoid using cleaners that contain high levels of soap.
  • Sweep your floors to avoid any debris that could harm your surface.
  • Clean up spills immediately. Do not let spills sit on your surface for long periods of time no matter how resistant the floors are.
  • Adding mats to entryways can help avoid dragging dirt and debris into the area
  • Do not use highly acidic cleaners on your floors because they will eat away at your surfaces protective layer.

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