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When it comes to the flooring in your commercial facility there are strict guidelines that you must abide by. With these strict rules that you must meet, your choice of flooring options dwindles down to a nearly non-existent list. But you do not need to worry because we have a solution for you! Our commercial epoxy floor coatings are an approved flooring system by the USDA so it can be used anywhere and everywhere! Our commercial epoxy flooring is an extremely durable and stain resistant surface that is affordable and lasts decades.


Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating


Healthcare facilities use our commercial epoxy flooring for many reasons. The number one reason is that its seamless and solid surface has been approved by the USDA, so it’s extremely hygienic. The seamless surface doesn’t allow any bacteria or viruses to hide in any type of crack or crevice to reproduce and cause a health hazard, especially in hospice care facilities. Our commercial epoxy flooring is also able to resist damage from boom carts or wheelchairs.

Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Coating


Auto shops, commercial garages and even car dealerships trust our commercial epoxy flooring for its resilience to stains from harsh chemicals, battery acid, and even oil. This is perfect for auto shops as it helps maintain a professional appearance as well as protecting your concrete from permanent stains and even deterioration from harsh chemicals. Commercial epoxy can also take a beating, so that means that our commercial epoxy flooring can withstand impacts from tools and heavy vehicle traffic without showing signs of wear and tear!

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Retail facilities love our commercial epoxy flooring as it brings many benefits to the table. When commercial epoxy is applied in a retail facility such as a grocery store, it offers high tolerance to heavy foot traffic, superb traction; even when wet when you apply our special additive, and an attractive finish that will make your facility one of a kind. Commercial epoxy may even be used in back rooms as it can withstand forklift traffic and can be customized to form work paths and sections.


Are you curious why so many business owners are making the switch to a commercial epoxy floor coating? Below we have made a brief outline of what makes our product so great, and below that will go in a little more depth of our most popular benefits!

Commercial Concrete Epoxy
  • Commercial epoxy coatings offer durability that traditional flooring just cants handle. Our coatings strive in harsh environments when others fail.
  • Our commercial epoxy flooring won’t waver when exposed to harsh chemicals, even the type that is used to clean hospitals and veterinarian offices.
  • We offer endless design options when it comes to our commercial epoxy flooring. We can use colors, metallic pigments and flakes to spruce up your facility.
  • Commercial epoxy flooring is very competitive in pricing with other traditional flooring such as tile. Tile doesn’t offer superior protection like a commercial epoxy coating either.
  • Commercial epoxy flooring offers a very long lifetime when installed correctly and maintained properly, we have had cases of our coatings lasting upwards of 20 years!

A commercial epoxy coating offers many different options when it comes to the spectrum of customization. We offer materials such as flakes, metallic pigments, or we can even go as far as putting your companies logo into your storefront.

Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy
Commercial Epoxy Thomasville

Our commercial epoxy floor coating offers damage resistance that other flooring options on the market can not even come close to competing with our coating. We offer flooring that can withstand impact, age, and even vehicle traffic. When a concrete slab has epoxy applied to it, the concrete slab becomes up to 300 percent stronger and typically last 2-3 times longer than bare concrete!


A commercial epoxy floor coating is a mixture of pure solid resins that cure with the help of hardeners. Epoxy is typically made in Part A and a part B. Part A is typically the resin that makes up 2 thirds of the mixture and will not cure if applied by itself. Part B is the epoxy hardener which is mixed into part A, this is how the epoxy cures and becomes a solid structure.
Commercial epoxy flooring is typically mixed using hand drills for large commercial jobs and has many different variations of hardeners for the scenario that is presented. A perfect example of this is our quick cure commercial epoxy that can be cured enough in 1 hour for foot traffic when most basic epoxies usually take around 24 hours to accept foot traffic. This is perfect for facilities that work 24/7 and don’t have time to shut down.

Commercial Epoxy
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installers


The maintenance on a commercial epoxy flooring is minimal but completely necessary. We recommend that any chemicals or moisture be removed immediately to minimalize the chances of possible deglazing. For daily maintenance, all that is required is the use of a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to remove any loose debris on your flooring. After that debris has been removed simply use a standard mop with any additives you wish to use to clean your floor. For a more soiled floor, we recommend disposing of all debris followed by a quick rinse using a hose. Our commercial epoxy flooring is resistant to all moisture so this is fine to do. If any stains remain on the floor we recommend the use of CLR OR TSP along with a stiff bristle brush moving in a circular motion until the stain has been lifted. With a commercial epoxy floor coating, your man-hours can be spent somewhere more valuable than maintenance.

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The installation process of commercial epoxy flooring is a very precise process so we recommend that you leave it up to our commercial epoxy floor contractors who have decades of combined experience so you can rest assured its done correctly. Only when the preparation steps are done correctly will you enjoy the maximum potential our commercial epoxy floor coating can offer. it begins with the removal of any floor coating that may be present and the filling of cracks with a specially formulated material that fills and stops the growth of cracks. Once the material has dried, we continue on to the process of shot blasting which profiles the concrete or diamond wheel grinding which opens the pores of the concrete; both allow for the resin to form a superior bond and give the finished product a flat and seamless appearance. Next, we coat the concrete with an epoxy primer which makes the resin more suitable for the concrete. Depending on what kind of epoxy that your facility requires, the process may be a little different, so be sure to talk with your commercial epoxy floor contractor if you wish to know a little more!

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