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Is your concrete starting to show signs of aging? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Concrete resurfacing in the Thomasville area is our pride and joy. Whether you’re looking for residential, commercial, or industrial work, we do it all. Our team is a group of licensed and professional individuals who love what they do. With decades of combined experience, we want your floors to be everything you want and more! For more information, give us a call!

Thomasville Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

Driveway Concrete Resurfacing

Your driveway is a fundamental part of your home, because, not only is it a first impression factor for the overall appeal of your home, but it can add or take away value from your home. It is the first view anyone can see of your landscape and if your driveway looks like it is run down people won’t be very interested in seeing the rest of your home. When cracks begin to let weeds in and discoloration begins overtaking your once eye-catching driveway, it is time to have your driveway concrete resurfaced. Issues, such as weeds and discolored patches will be taken care of.

Exterior Concrete Resurfacing

Patio Concrete Resurfacing

A patio is the heart of your outdoor décor. Typically, a back patio is where the entertainment happens in a home, and if it looks neglected your entertainment could fall short. Resurfaced patios can be made to look like different materials to enhance its appeal and dramatically change the overall look of your back yard! Any unique design you choose for your patio will look and feel authentic without having to sacrifice low costs or easy maintenance. For more information on patio concrete resurfacing, give our professionals a call!

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Pool Deck Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing your pool deck is one of the most budget-friendly and eco-friendly actions you can take when redesigning or updating your pool deck. When the heat hits and you want to enjoy the refreshing feel of a cool pool, you don’t want the hassle of a damaged pool deck, and you don’t have to put up with it. Resurfacing your deck can be done quickly and efficiently when you speak to one of our professionals. Instead of ripping out your deck and laying a new slab of concrete, we simply use the concrete that is present and enhance it to meet your needs and standards. Because we are simply reusing the concrete that has already been lain, no further waste is needed, nor materials that would cause extra waste, making resurfacing an incredibly environmentally friendly option.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing concrete has countless benefits that typically go unnoticed. The best part about resurfacing your concrete is that this process benefits residential concrete, commercial concrete, and industrial concrete in some way, shape, or form. If you live in Thomasville or the surrounding areas, give us a call to find out more.

Best Concrete Resurfacer
  • Much more economically sound, compared to ripping up your old concrete and laying a new surface.
  • Concrete resurfacing is quick and easy because the product needs to be spread evenly but instead of taking time to repair or replace cracked concrete, resurfacing upgrades your concretes look in less than half of the time.
  • Many different designs and colors are available for your resurfaced concrete.
  • Plain old concrete is not strong enough to last on its own, however, when it is resurfaced the surface becomes much more resilient against harmful chemicals and debris.
  • Aesthetics for your home are an important selling point, so resurfacing your concrete will add value to your home, but very little money will be spent from your wallet in doing so.
Commercial Concrete Resurfacing

Whether it is for a hotel, lobby, outdoor, indoor, or pool deck concrete, resurfacing commercial concrete is the best option for any business. Resurfacing your commercial concrete will decrease the amount of time that space is out of commission and this process will ensure the lifespan of your floors is longer than it has ever been before.

Commercial Concrete Resurfacing
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Industrial Concrete Resurfacing

Many packing plants, warehouses, and storage facilities experience heavy machinery, high impact, and heavy foot-traffic, which makes their floors susceptible to cracks, breakage, and harmful wear/tear. When you choose to resurface your concrete floors you not only revive your floors, but you make them resistant to such breakage, elongating their lifespans, and saving you money.

Garage Concrete Resurfacing

With advances in modern technology, resurfacing your concrete means you are adding a thicker more protective layer to your concrete. You are creating a firmer surface when you resurface old concrete, making it more resistant to oils, car fluids, chipping, and peeling. Your garage will become a smooth and better place for vehicles as well, because of the glass-like finish, the tires of your vehicle will wear less when they are in your garage; thus, saving you money not only with installation but with tire and vehicle replacement as well. Like what you see? Give us a call to learn more about what resurfacing garage concrete can do!

Resurface Garage Floor Concrete Resurfacer
Outdoor Concrete Resurfacing

Walkway Concrete Resurfacing

Has your walkway gone from beautiful to dull and boring? Or is it cracking and peeling in all the wrong places? When you choose to have your walkway professionally resurfaced you can speak to our technicians about individualizing your concrete. Designing it to look or feel like another surface that appeals to the vision you have for your floors. We know how important your floors exterior appearance can affect you and your home, so give us a call.

Interior Concrete Resurfacing

Maintenance for Your Resurfaced Concrete

  • Routine checks for peeling, cracks, yellowing, or breakage can help subdue a small issue before it becomes a big one. Simply looking over your concrete will suffice.
  • Dry or wet mopping when debris or spills are present will be enough to keep a clean floor inside.
  • Pressure washing and deep cleans are discouraged unless absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents or acidic cleaners unless discussed with one of our experts first.
  • Sweeping as a daily routine can help avoid harmful waste brought in/out or on my shoes by other natural causes.

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