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As the top of the line power washing company in the Thomasville area, our experts offer decades of experience and expertise to get the exterior of your home looking sparkling and new. Serving all of Southwest Georgia and even some parts of the Florida panhandle, our father son team is locally run and operated and our family treats you like family.

Epoxy Georgia

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Power Washing

From house washing to roof washing to concrete cleaning, we actually do it all. Our power washing service uses pressure washer as well as soft washers depending on the task at hand. We can even clean your exterior wood surfaces and do all of the necessary prep work for your house painting needs.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

In addition to power washing, we are also the premier epoxy flooring installer in the Southwest Georgia and Florida panhandle areas. From garage epoxy flooring to metallic epoxy to concrete sealing and pool deck resurfacing, we are here to meet all of your concrete resurfacing needs.

Commercial Cleaning and Gutters

We don’t stop with power washing and concrete resurfacing. We also offer commercial cleaning services as well as gutter cleaning. We are your one stop shop for all of your exterior cleaning needs, whether for your home or business, and we also have you covered on your concrete resurfacing needs.

Benefits of Power Washing

Beyond pure aesthetics, are you wondering why you would make the investment to have your home, deck or driveway power washed in the first place? You’ve probably seen us in your neighborhood and wondered why anyone would go to the trouble of having the exterior of their home power washed? Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider having your home power washed.

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  • Keep mold and mildew and bay. Mold and mildew growth are big problems in the heat and humidity of south Georgia. When these are left to their own devices, they can begin to creep inside your home and cause health and breathing problems for you and your family.
  • Prevent dirt, grime, and mildew from spreading by having your home power washed. When these spread it tarnishes the exterior look of your home and it also devalues your home as it decreases curb appeal.
  • The return on your power washing investment will save you money in the long term. As dirt and mildew sit on your home, deck, roof, or patio, it causes further damage the longer is builds. By not having to replace siding or roofing as often, the financial benefits are one of the top reasons that our clients choose to have their homes power washed.
  • When done by a professional, power washing is a valuable step in preparing your home to be repainted.
House Washing

You may find that having your house power washed makes you feel as if you have a brand new house. Many homeowners do not even realize how filthy the exterior of their homes are until the see the grime, dirt, and mildew melting away.

Roof Washing

We start at the top of your home and work our way down. By cleaning the roof first, we maximize your investment to protect your home from the harsh elements of the long, hot, humid summers in Southwest Georgia.

Concrete Cleaning

The exterior concrete around your home takes a beating from the elements as well as daily wear and tear of people and vehicles. We are here to remove the dirt, grime and buildup that occurs naturally on your concrete surfaces. From your patio to your deck to your driveway, we are your one stop shop for all of your concrete cleaning needs.

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Wood Restoration

We are also here to help with all of your exterior wood cleaning and restoration needs. Wood can be tricky when it comes to pressure washing. It is important to clean the porous surface without damaging the wood by using too much pressure throughout the process. Our professionals are trained using our soft wash techniques to clean your wood without damage.

Premier Power Washing

Our friendly professionals are the cream of the crop. We not only offer the best power washing services throughout Southeast Georgia and the Florida panhandle, but we do it with a smile. Our experts are standing by to help you with a free estimate for any service that you may need. We will have your home looking shiny and clean in no time at all. We use the best tools, hire the best people, and offer quality, professional service to every single client.

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