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For most of our clientele, the outlook they have in their garage is typically the same. Their garage is a dusty, dirty and rather boring place to be in. Whether you use your garage on a daily basis like a home mechanic or use it just to park your vehicles in, this shouldn’t be the case. With our garage floor epoxy, we can transform your garage into an area you will actually enjoy being in, and your neighbors will be green with envy everytime you open up your garage door.


metallic epoxy garage floor


A metallic epoxy garage floor is in our opinion, the most unique floor coating that is available on the market. It is a spectacle that offers an appearance that cannot be rivaled by any other type of traditional floorings as it mimics lava flow, marble or even waves. If you’re worried about sacrificing performance for beauty, don’t worry, we have you covered because we only use the highest grade materials on the market so your flooring will perform like a finely tuned performance vehicle

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We understand that our neighbors in Thomasville may not use their garages for only vehicles but rather more sensitive materials. We offer garage epoxy that is made especially for your scenario such as a static guard epoxy that protects electronics from electrostatic surges. We even offer epoxies that can protect your flooring in an extremely moist environment called vapor lock, so you won’t have to worry about your flooring becoming slippery.

Thomasville epoxy garage floor coating


The epoxy flake garage floor is among one of the most popular and traditional concrete coatings that are on the market today. This doesn’t diminish its value at all as it is used so much for good reason. Flake epoxy offers superior resistance to damage and even harsh chemicals all while giving off an attractive appearance. It gets its look from the use of single colored or multi-colored flakes, which is the more affordable path compared to metallic pigments found in metallic epoxy flooring.


Are you confused about why so many homeowners and even auto shops are now using a garage epoxy floor? It is because the many benefits that our flooring systems bring to our neighbors in Thomasville you are starting to see garage epoxy more and more. Below we have only a few of the many benefits you will gain when using an epoxy garage floor!

    Did you know that garage floor epoxy offers superior lifetime in even the harshest conditions? Our coatings can last up to twenty years if it is maintained properly making it a great investment for your home.

  • Durable than most other flooring as it can handle heavy vehicle traffic, impact from dropped objects and can even prevent major cracks from forming.
  • Offers superior chemical resistance from chemicals that are often found in commercial or residential garages such as gasoline, brake cleaner, and even carburetor fluid.
  • Garage epoxy is priced very competitively with other traditional floor coatings but offers superior protection for your concrete that can’t be matched by the other flooring solutions.
  • A garage floor epoxy can increase the value of your home as it makes it more attractive than a bland and dusty garage that the other homes in your area may have
  • Garage floor epoxy makes your concrete up to 300 percent stronger and lasts around 2-3 times longer than concrete with no coatings
  • Garage epoxy is a light reflective surface so your garage will appear brighter without the use of additional lighting that would cost you more money to operate.

Garage epoxy is perfect even for an auto shop or dealership garages. This is because our epoxies are so strong, we guarantee that our flooring can withstand heavy vehicle traffic along with the harsh chemicals that are found in commercial garages without wavering. You can even drop heavy duty tools on our flooring without our epoxies showing signs of damage.

garage floor epoxy Thomasville
garage epoxy coating

Garage epoxy in Thomasville is perfect for our residential clients that want to refresh their garage with beautiful and durable flooring solution. We give our clients the chance to include an industrial strength flooring in their home so they can have peace of mind knowing their garage floor can handle whatever life may throw at it, all at an affordable pricing point.


The process that is installing garage epoxy is a tedious but completely necessary process that can easily be done incorrectly. This is why we ask that you leave this process up to our epoxy garage floor installers who have decades of combined experience in this field. We begin by removing any previous coating that may be installed on your concrete, if none are present we skip straight into the process of filling cracks using a material that fills and restricts the growth of your cracks. While our garage epoxy can limit the size of cracks, there are two types of concrete, concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. Once this material has dried, we either use a diamond wheel grinder to open the pores of the concrete or we shot blast the concrete to profile it, both methods ensure a tight bond with our resins. We then apply an epoxy primer, which furthers the bond of the resin to the concrete slab. Depending on which type of epoxy you decide to go with, the process may be different. If you wish to know the following steps please talk to your contractor

Epoxy Floor Coating Thomasville GA
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A garage epoxy is a material that resembles paint but isn’t paint at all. While some paints advertise that they use epoxy mixed in their paint, this is a very low-quality material that you should try to stay away from. The myth that epoxy floors don’t last very long actually comes from these materials and their false advertising. We use the highest grade materials that are available on the market, even for our residential clients. Epoxy consists of two parts, a part A and part B. Part A is the resin which makes up two-thirds of the mixture and part B that is the hardener that makes up the rest of the mixture. When the epoxy is mixed, we may add in the metallic pigments, coloring or even additives that make more traction for your flooring, even when wet! There are many ways to apply to epoxy such as a trowel, a roller like paint or for larger areas we may use a squeegee to evenly distribute the material on the concrete slab so you get even protection all the way around.

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While maintaining your epoxy garage floor coating may be simple, it plays a major role in how long the coating will last in your garage. We recommend that you don’t let chemicals sit on the surface for too long as they may remove some of the glazed effects of your epoxy. For daily maintenance on your flooring, you won’t need many times or materials. All you really need is a dust mop or a soft bristle broom to remove all loose debris from the floor followed by a standard mop with any additive you wish to add. For a more soiled floor, you will need to remove all loose debris and proceed to use a hose to remove all moisture from the surface. If any type of stains or residue remains after being rinsed off, we recommend the use of CLR with a stiff brush used in a circular motion to lift the stain. And just like that, your floor will shine like new as there is no type of waxes or polishes used on garage epoxy.

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