Choosing The Best Epoxy Floor Coatings

Choosing The Best

Epoxy Floor Coatings

As epoxy floor coatings increase in popularity and demand, the options increase as well. Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to epoxy floor coatings. Trying to choose the right epoxy for your home as well as for your budget can feel daunting. Here are some of the typical epoxy floor coatings and application methods available today to help you make your decision.

There are many reputable brands of epoxy available, but the important factors are “what type of epoxy is it” and “how does it work as a system?

Water based epoxy paints
Water based epoxies are simple to apple and have a longer open container life allowing maximum time for application after opening. It can be applied quickly and is applied just like paint, which is why it is often known or labeled as epoxy paint. Because of the simplicity, it is the favorite choice of contractors and DIY’ers alike. These water based epoxy paints are typically very inexpensive and only require one coating. For this reason, water based epoxy is also the least durable epoxy system. These are not the best value for your dollar since they will not last anywhere near as long as other applications.
High Solids Epoxy
This is a 100% solids application that will cure to a significantly thicker application, depending on the brand. A single coat of a high solids epoxy will be thicker and stronger than a single coating of the typical water based product. High solids epoxy has better resistance to stains, chemicals, and abrasions. These 100% solid epoxies make for a great color base coat and work well as a multi- coat system and are available in many color options. The costs are significantly higher than water based epoxies, but because of their durability, they are the preferred choice and will save money in the long run for longevity of application. This type of epoxy is also not recommended for the DIY home application because of its thick viscosity and the fact that it needs to be rolled back when applied. The open pot life is also much shorter meaning that a professional must work quickly to apply completely after mixing.
Clear Epoxy or Polyurethane top coats
Clear epoxy or a polyurethane top coat is a top coat added to other applications in order to make them even longer lasting and more durable. It also gives epoxy the signature shine that many homeowners are looking for. When you are adding this top coat, you also have the option of adding paint chips to your base coat for a varied look. Adding a large amount of paint chips also adds texture making your epoxy floors even more slip resistant. This is very desirable in high traffic work areas. This also gives your epoxy the customized look that you may be seeking.
Premium Multi Coat Epoxy System
The top choice for epoxy coatings is a premium multi coat system. A multi coat system consists of a primer coat, a 100% solids basecoat, colored paint chips, if desired, and one or two topcoats of clear epoxy or polyurethane. These multi coat systems can be anywhere from 30-40ml thick and can last 15-20 years. The thinner primer coat allows the coating to soak into the pores of the concrete to give a harder, more solid finish. It also creates better adhesion for your other coats. This system is also the most expensive option, but will last the longest. Because of the longevity, this ends up being the most affordable option in the long run. Although you spend more on up front costs, you will not have to repair or replace your floors. This system is also best left to the experts, so you will spend a little more on installation costs. You will be thrilled with the end result and happy that you made the investment in your flooring.

Remember, there are no two floors, projects, or homeowners the same, so options can be your friend. It is recommended that you choose the most durable product that fits ithin your budget and hire a professional for truly long term results.