Trending: Getting Creative With Epoxy Floor Coatings

Trending: Getting Creative With

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy floor coatings offer nearly endless possibilities because of the combination of colors finishes, and textures that are available- not to mention the application techniques. Unleash your creativity with epoxy floor coatings. Let your imagination run wild because the possibilities are endless.

Get creative with your rooms
Metallic Epoxy Resin
Epoxies play a major role in meeting the standards required for high quality flooring. As the popularity of epoxy floor coatings has increased, so have the artistic possibilities. Although epoxy coatings can take a garage from dingy and dark to bright and reflective, many homeowners are finding the usefulness of epoxy flooring in other rooms and taking the designs to the next level. Thinking creatively may just give you the perfect flooring that you have been searching for in your home. Laundry rooms, mud rooms, and bathrooms are perfect applications for epoxy floor coatings due to the high traffic and moisture content. Many modern homes are taking creativity to the next level by adding epoxy flooring to the main living spaces as well.
3d Epoxy Flooring
When you are really ready to take your epoxy creativities to the next level, consider epoxy coatings for your walls. The same colors, water resistance, and durability can be applied to your walls instead of traditional paint. This offers a durable wall coating while protecting from moisture and other damage.
Three Dimensional
Epoxy Flooring
3D? Really? Walls are one thing, but three dimensional applications? You must be joking. As epoxy coatings have grown over the years, so have to artistic applications, and one current, yet lesser known application is 3D epoxy art. These are not your standard wall stickies. These are intricately designed and painted surfaces with an epoxy coating to protect from damage and to enhance the colors. If you can dream it, it can be created. From oceanscapes to Koi ponds to detailed checkerboards and football fields. 3D epoxy floor applications are definitely for the design risk taker. These graphic masterpieces are realistic enough to touch and create incredible optical illusions.
Directions and Lines
In commercial settings it is often beneficial to help clients form appropriate lines, to offer directions, or to create work zones . Epoxy coating applied on top of the surface where directions have been applied to the floor or line to show where the line begins can be functional and helpful.

If you are looking for a modern innovative floor (or wall) application, look no further than epoxy floor coating, but do not limit yourself to the obvious. Get creative and think outside of the box as you design your flooring for your next project.