Fantastic Epoxy Floors Are Completely Changing Interior Design

Fantastic Epoxy Floors

Are Completely Changing Interior Design

You have seen epoxy flooring all around. The hard plastic like concrete coating is commonly used to seal garage floors, hospitals, large showrooms, and warehouses, but could they be the newest thing to sweep the interior design world? Whether it comes to a modern or traditional aesthetic, the versatility and affordability of epoxy floors can make a decorator and homeowner’s dreams come true. Since epoxy is capable of smoothing out uneven surfaces, it can solve a myriad of problems that blow a design budget out of the water.
Residential Epoxy
The vast array of pattern, finish, and color choices give epoxy flooring nearly endless options. Many designers are surprised to find that the high shine confetti floors seen in many garages are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to design combinations. These options can be combined to tie into the design spaces your home already has and can be incorporated into your dining room, kitchen, bathroom, basement, and any other living space. Your boring grey floors can be transformed into a beautiful work of art.
Fills a Design Niche
Custom Flooring
Epoxy floors are stylish, modern, and fun. Because they are a contemporary flooring system, they fill a niche for homeowners who want something different. Also, since they wear better than wood or carpet, many homeowners are making the switch to avoid the upkeep or costs of hardwood floors.
Personalized Epoxy
Custom Epoxy Flooring
It is no secret that epoxy floors can save you time and money. Epoxy floors are one of the most affordable and long lasting flooring systems that you can add to your home. They are also low maintenance which saves you time on an ongoing basis. What many designers and homeowners are surprised to find out is that the design options can be personalized to match your style and space. You can personalize not only your floors but the space around it, such as the walls or ceilings.
Low Maintenance
Epoxy Flooring
Not only will epoxy floors complement your design beautifully, but they are also simple to maintain and can take a beating. Their low maintenance style makes them a perfect addition for a child’s bedroom or playroom.
Brightens and Opens your home
Epoxy floors are a completely seamless floor system that is highly reflective and instantly brightens any room, making your home seem larger and brighter. Because of the seamless nature, it also makes for easy transitions between rooms particularly for an open floor plan in which you may be stumped as to how to incorporate flooring. By choosing bright, solid color or whites, you can maintain a cohesive appropriate feel from room to room.