Tips For Maintaining An Epoxy Floor

When it comes to maintaining an epoxy flooring system, you will find that the task will be quite fast and fairly easy. This is why many people will push off the maintenance on epoxy flooring to a later date and eventually forget about it in general cause “one more day won’t hurt, right?” Well. one more day can hurt actually and it is always recommended that epoxy flooring is cleaned at least once a week. This is because how well the epoxy flooring is maintained plays a critical role in how long the flooring system is going to last and plays almost as a big of a role as to how well the flooring has been installed. Don’t worry, we will get you on the right path of learning how to maintain your epoxy flooring.
The first step of getting your epoxy flooring nice and tidy is using either a dust mop or a soft bristle broom. You want to use a soft bristle broom because a stiff bristle nylon broom can actually leave mynute scratches in the surface of the flooring that will be unappealing when a light is shined on the flooring. After the flooring is free of all loose particles like dirt or foreign objects, it is time to wash the flooring.
The cleaning of the flooring can be multiple ways but for the most common ways of cleaning the floor, all you are going to need is a standard wet mop to get the job done. When mopping make sure not to work a single area too much or too hard as it can dull the top coat of epoxy and make the area seem lame. Another suggestion of when mopping the floor is when you are going to add any cleaning agents to the mix, always test them. By testing the chemical we mean that you should mask off a corner of the room or an area of flooring that won’t be exposed and pour a little of the chemical on the floor. Do not use the chemical if it reacts with the top coat in a way that turns the top coat cloudy, this chemical with thrash your epoxy flooring system. If nothing happens you’re good to go!
Another common area that often uses epoxy flooring is in the garage, and there is a rather unique way that the garage can be cleaned. You will always need the soft bristle broom or dust mop when cleaning the epoxy flooring and make sure to use the same principles when it comes to mopping the garage floor. But, if the garage floor has become heavily soiled there is a way to clean the flooring that will save some time. You can use a garden hose in the garage to clean epoxy flooring but, there are some cautions that you must heed before doing this. Always make sure that the water coming out of the hose is less than 115 degrees and that you always keep the hose moving, not focusing too much on one area. If any residues still stick to the epoxy after the wash, use a brush with some CLR and work the stain or residue in a circular motion until it has lifted.
Follow these tips and tricks and you will be on the way to making sure your flooring will last well over 20 years!