The Types Of Epoxy Flooring

The Types Of

Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to the world of epoxy flooring systems, there seems to be an epoxy flooring for any type of scenario that may present itself. We are going to take a deeper look into what the different types of epoxy flooring systems are, and what they are used for!
Waterbased Epoxy
Garage Floor
Water-based epoxy is what is most commonly found in many types of DIY kits because they are a safer material to work with and because it is relatively inexpensive. Waterbased epoxies do not have the same level of durability of the more durable 100 percent solid epoxy system or even the solvent based epoxy systems. Waterbased epoxy is mostly used more for form over function and is used in areas that don’t receive too much traffic as it is more like a protective and colorful sealer that will protect against stains and minor abrasions.
100 Percent Solid Epoxy
Industrial Epoxy
When it comes to a 100 percent solid epoxy, there is not much that it cannot do. These flooring systems are typically used in facilities that handle and use heavy equipment, harsh chemicals, and have the risk of having objects dropped on the floor as this epoxy is able to defend against all of the above. A 100 percent solid epoxy system is what is most commonly found in most types of decorative epoxies such as metallic epoxies and flaked epoxy floorings; which we will take a deeper look into later. 100 percent solid epoxies are the strongest of all epoxies and the most popular as well because the benefits of this flooring system are just too great not to use!
Metallic Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy
Metallic epoxy flooring is some of the most unique floorings available on the market as its appearance simply cannot be replicated by any other flooring. A metallic epoxy flooring is created by mixing metallic pigments into the epoxy resin while the epoxy resin and hardener are being mixed together and may even be used when the flooring is being spread for more effect. Metallic epoxy will not lose any strength due to its appearance, as a matter, it will gain one thing; price. While metallic epoxy can be the more expensive option, it is hard to match the appearance of this flooring option as well as the overall strength.
Flaked Epoxy
While flaked epoxy really isn’t a type of epoxy and rather a method of applying the epoxy, it still deserves a nod on this list as has become one of the most used epoxy floorings. In the average Epoxy Georgia