Kick Back And Enjoy Your Pool More Than Ever

Kick Back And Enjoy Your

Pool More Than Ever

Enjoy Your Pool
Even though summer has just started, there is still time to make sure that you get the most out of your pool for the remainder of the summer. To make sure your pool is the best it can possibly be, there is one option that sticks out more than the rest and that’s your pool deck. Your pool deck plays a major role in how comfortable and how aesthetically pleasing your backyard is in general. Sadly, concrete pool decking is subject to a vile plague, cracking. Cracks can come out of the blue or been on your deck for years, just out of sight and mind. But, there is a way that you can get back to kicking back and enjoying summer with a perfect deck and that’s with concrete resurfacing which you can find about down below!

What Is Pool Deck Resurfacing?
Pool deck resurfacing is a process where you take your aged and cracked concrete pool deck and bring it back to life with a micro-topping that fills the imperfections of your concrete. But, the micro-topping is only able to do so much which is why only minor to moderate cracking is permissible for pool deck resurfacing to be used to service the deck. The micro-topping only serves as a base coat and other coatings can be applied right over the top but first, let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons of pool deck resurfacing down below:
  • Can save thousands of dollars over replacing concrete
  • Can be completed in less than a week with most coatings
  • Will see a return of investment of up to 70% in many cases
  • Only seen as a temporary fix before having to replace concrete
  • Can be considered hard to be completed with DIY knowledge
  • Not a suitable option for large cracks or holes
Stamped Concrete Overlays
Pool Deck Concrete Overlay
Stamped concrete overlays are by far one of the most popular modern pool deckings on the market. Not only does a stamped concrete pool deck offer a fast turnaround, but it also offers some of the most exotic finishes on the market for a truly one of a kind finish that can’t be replicated by any other flooring system on the market. With the use of rubber stamping techniques, stamped overlays can mimic the appearance of wood, slate, and even intricate paver patterns! There are however pros and cons of using stamped concrete, which you can find down below:
  • Can mask all cracks and other imperfections with a thick coating
  • Most projects take 2-5 days to complete depending on the concretes condition
  • Offers a non-slip surface that is perfect for summer fun
  • Concrete is prone to cracking with age and exposure to moisture
  • Will need to be resealed every 2-5 years to avoid discoloration
  • Some may be able to tell concrete apart from the natural materials
Pavers Over Concrete Pool Decking
Pool Deck Pavers
One of the most underrated pool decking materials is the paver. Pavers can offer a timeless and elegant look that can hide the imperfections on your concrete that have been repaired without slapping on another coat of mud right over the top. Pavers are most commonly used in the pool deck as they offer one of the most durable and easily maintained finishes on the market. A feature of pool deck pavers that many homeowners love is the pavers ability to be rapidly repaired in the off chance one becomes damaged. All you need to do is slip a new paver in the broken one’s place!
Repaint Or Reseal
Sometimes, you don’t even need to take it to the extreme of resurfacing your entire pool deck, sometimes all you will need is to simply reseal or repaint the material you are using. Simply reapplying a top coat to your material can warrant a drastic change in performance. For example, when using Kool Decking the acrylic paint is what offers both slip and skid resistance as well as heat deflection. By simply repainting your Kool Decking you could see a decrease in pool deck temperature of up to 30 degrees!

Well, now that you know how big of an impact that your pool decking can make on your summer, if you are affected by any damage to your pool deck, you have a decision to make. Do you choose to DIY or to have a contractor come in and take care of it for you? In our experience, the extra upfront costs of a contractor pay off in the long run as they offer warranties on most of their work. But no matter what you decide to do, we hope that you act fast so you can kick back and enjoy the rest of your summer!