Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to the benefits of epoxy flooring, you will not be left shorthanded or left with more disadvantages than advantages. Depending on your tastes, epoxy flooring may not have any disadvantages! Today we are going to outline and go through some of the best benefits of epoxy flooring so you can see why it is such a great flooring!

One of the most well-known traits of epoxy flooring is the fact that it is just so strong! Epoxy flooring is mostly used in commercial facilities and industrial facilities for its durability but, it has been finding its way into the residential market as well. Epoxy flooring is known to stand up to heavy vehicle traffic, harsh chemicals, heavy machinery, and can even handle dropped objects to an extent, all without showing signs of wear and tear! Epoxy flooring has also been tested and proven to make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger than traditional concrete flooring can!

Epoxy flooring is one of the most customizable and custom floorings available on the market today. This is because epoxy flooring is installed in a liquid form, so there are no bounds on what can be created with it! Epoxy flooring has many options to make the flooring custom such as multiple colors, single or multi-colored paint flakes, metallic pigments that are used to create metallic epoxy flooring, and for the more extreme an emblem can even be placed into the epoxy flooring. So many people love epoxy flooring for the simple fact that no two epoxy floorings will ever be the same. Not to mention that epoxy flooring can add value to a home.

Fast Install Times
Epoxy flooring can be installed faster than most other traditional floorings for the simple fact that most of the time is spent preparing for the flooring. When the route of epoxy flooring has been taken, the flooring in a two car garage can be installed as little as three days. Depending on the size of the area and how many repairs must be made to the concrete slab will also play a major role in how long the flooring will take to be installed. After the final coat of epoxy is applied and the clear coat is in place, there is a buffer period before the flooring can be used. For most epoxy floorings, you must wait at least twenty-four hours before the flooring is able to be walked on and at least 72 hours must pass before any vehicles or heavy equipment is placed on the flooring.

Long Lifetimes
A common discrepancy that most people have of epoxy flooring is that it really doesn’t last very long. This is because many companies will try to save a couple bucks by using a lesser quality material; like DIY kits from the hardware store that are just paint with epoxy mixed in, and they will try to cut corners during the preparation process. But, if a high-grade material is being used and all preparation steps have been done, as well as proper maintenance on your end, the epoxy flooring system can last well over 20 years with some floorings lasting well into 30 years!