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6 03, 2019

Why Epoxy Flooring Reigns Supreme


Why Epoxy Flooring Reigns Supreme When it comes to epoxy flooring being the superior flooring, we believe that this shouldn’t be a surprise. When compared to other methods of flooring, epoxy flooring will beat them on their own turf. Below we are going to outline a few benefits that many other flooring have and show how epoxy flooring is able to stack up against these floorings. Durability Factor When you look into the different types of traditional flooring, you will find that overall durability is a toss-up between hardwood flooring and

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4 03, 2019

The Types Of Epoxy Flooring


The Types Of Epoxy Flooring When it comes to the world of epoxy flooring systems, there seems to be an epoxy flooring for any type of scenario that may present itself. We are going to take a deeper look into what the different types of epoxy flooring systems are, and what they are used for! Waterbased Epoxy Water-based epoxy is what is most commonly found in many types of DIY kits because they are a safer material to work with and because it is relatively inexpensive. Waterbased epoxies do not have the

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2 03, 2019

Why Epoxy Flooring Is Best For Industrial Facilities


When it comes to flooring in industrial facilities, we know that the conditions can be extremely harsh and that it will take a special breed of flooring to make the cut in these facilities. But, epoxy flooring has what it takes to make it in these facilities and they can even make the facility more efficient and safe, here's why: Epoxy flooring systems are some of the most durable flooring available on the market to this date. Epoxy flooring is able to handle forklift and other heavy vehicle traffic, it can handle the vibrations from heavy equipment and machinery and

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