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Whether you are looking for a flooring system that can stand the test of time in your industrial facility or make your neighbors green with envy, there is only one flooring provider in Tifton that you can trust, Suds! Suds has been providing the Tifton and surrounding areas with phenomenal floor coatings for a little over a decade. We are a family-owned and operated company so we take the satisfaction of our customers to the next level. Here at SUDS, we don’t want you to be a one-time client, we want you as a client for life! Down below, you will find everything we can do for our neighbors in Tifton.

Our Amazing Epoxy Flooring Systems

Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage floor epoxies are by far the most popular garage floor coatings on the market. Our epoxy garage floor coatings can be used in both residential and commercial garages with amazing durability and stain resistance that can keep your flooring looking professional. Not to mention a garage epoxy can make your garage up to 150 percent brighter without the need for additional lighting.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy

When they were invented in 1926, commercial epoxy flooring systems have ruled the commercial sector’s flooring system choice. With the approval from the USDA for use in sensitive facilities like food/beverage handling to usage in medical fields, the nonporous and seamless finish of epoxy flooring is ready to take on any harsh cleaners or disinfectants your facility may use daily

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy

Our metallic epoxy floors are built to please with mesmerizing finishes that capture some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful visuals like waves, lava, and even heavy clouds. With the use of metallic pigmentation and advanced application techniques, no metallic epoxy floor covering is exactly alike. While metallic epoxies use the 100% solid epoxy base, they are just as suitable for commercial use as they are residential

The Benefits Of Using Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has rapidly become one of the most used flooring systems in the country, trailing only traditional flooring systems like carpet, tile, and hardwood; but we think it won’t be long before its number 1! Want to know why epoxy flooring is so popular? Down below you will find a few benefits of this amazing flooring system:

  • Epoxies offer amazing resistance to both physical and chemical damage from sources like impacts from dropped objects, degreasers, and heavy vehicle or foot traffic.
  • When we professionally install epoxy and you properly maintain it, epoxies have one of the longest service lives on the market with the ability to last 20-30 years.
  • Epoxy coatings offer more coatings than most other flooring systems thanks to its liquid state. We offer an endless list of base colors, mono or multi-colored flakes and even metallic pigmentation.
  • Offer a simplistic and carefree maintenance regiment without the need for expensive waxes or polishes.
  • It can be installed faster than most traditional flooring systems with the average 2 car garage only taking an average of 3-4 days to complete. The size, condition of the concrete and weather can play a role in some installation procedures.
Concrete Staining

Whether you want an earthy-toned finish with one of our acid stains or if you want a full array of color options from a water-based stain, we have all of our neighbors in Tifton covered! Stain your concrete slab to provide benefits like UV resistance, slip and skid resistance and not to mention an increase in the value of your home!

Concrete Stain
Sealed Concrete
Concrete Sealing

Concrete slabs are very porous surfaces meaning that dirt, stains and water damage happen very frequently on concrete. What are you supposed to do if you love the look of traditional concrete? We offer the service of concrete sealing where we apply a durable urethane sealer over your concrete, filling its pores. A sealer can help your concrete resist stains, chemicals, and even abrasions

The Process Of Concrete Resurfacing

Are you tired of having to deal with a dilapidated concrete slab that has seen its fair share of abuse? Where other concrete contractors will try and push you to replace the slab, that isn’t always the best option and can cost you thousands of dollars. So we offer the service of concrete resurfacing, a process that can save your existing concrete so you don’t have to deal with the mess and noise of replacing your slab.
We offer different concrete coatings for both exterior and interior use. Our most popular interior concrete option in Tifton is epoxy flooring where our stained concrete finishes are the coating of choice for exterior slabs. Want to know more about concrete resurfacing? Take a look at our home page for all the information you need!

Concrete Resurfacing
Wood Stamped Concrete

Rustic Wood Concrete

Do you love that natural and elegant look that traditional wood flooring gives off? Well, not too many homeowners are in love with the harsh maintenance and commercial property owners are having a hard time using wood without it being destroyed in mere months. If you want the look of wood flooring without the hassle there’s only one option, rustic wood-concrete.
Rustic wood concrete is a variation of stamped concrete coatings that use rubber stamps molded by real wood flooring to give off a custom and lifelike appearance. Our rustic wood finishes are coated with a layer of urethane sealer to keep it protected from water damage, scratches, and heavy traffic so you won’t have to worry about it being as fragile as traditional wood.

Epoxy Floor Installers

You Can Count On SUDS!

    Are you tired of getting the runaround from the other concrete flooring contractors in Tifton? Well, we know what it takes to get your project done right the first time around! Want to know what sets SUDS apart from the rest in Tifton? We have a few of our beliefs outlined down below:

  • WE have access to the latest tools in the industry like Hotsy systems, Bandit power washers and ProPortioner Systems to get your concrete as clean as possible before installation of any coating.
  • We will treat you with the respect of a lifelong client, not a one time customer. Our goal is to make you a fan of SUDS for life!
  • We promise to always give our clients free, no-obligation quotes!

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