Don’t trust everyone and just anyone with your concrete surface. Whether it be a residential, commercial, or residential surface indoor or outdoor, it is important to call the professionals. As the leading concrete company in the Thomasville area, our team is proud to serve our clientele with the best concrete services. If you’re looking for a new surface, give us a call today.

Concrete Services We Provide in Thomasville, Georgia

concrete resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

    If you want to increase your property value at an affordable price, then sealing your concrete is the best way to go. With long-lasting and durable properties, sealing your concrete makes it appear to be healthy, brightly shining, and durable.

  • You can resurface your pool deck, patio, garage, walkway, basement, and driveway.
  • Industrial, commercial, and residential properties are all welcome
  • A cost-effective option, starting around $4 per square foot
  • Customizable to mimic other surfaces like brick, flagstone, or cobblestone
  • Raise property value by 15%
sealed concrete

Concrete Sealing

    If you want to increase your property value at an affordable price, then sealing your concrete is the best way to go. With long-lasting and durable properties, sealing your concrete makes it appear to be healthy, brightly shining, and durable.

  • Necessary for the longevity of your concrete
  • Pricing varies between $0.25-$0.75
  • Protects concrete from oil, stains, harmful UV, and moisture
  • Limits the amount of damage from the freeze-thaw cycle
concrete coatings

Concrete Coating

  • A helpful shielding material that includes overlays, paints, and epoxy systems
  • Affordable for any surface starting around $3 per square foot
  • Protects concrete against wear and tear
  • Resist deterioration
  • Penetrates concretes pores protecting your surface from mold and mildew

Services and Benefits for Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring offers business and homeowners many benefits that make their surface worth investing in. An epoxy floor strengthens your concrete beyond its capabilities otherwise and gives you the opportunity to design your surface into anything you want it to be. With our craftsmanship, your epoxy concrete floor can turn boring concrete into a work of art.

Epoxy flooring Thomasville
  • Epoxy flooring is affordable starting around $3 per square foot and increasing depending on the complexity of the work.
  • Lasts for many years when properly maintained
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Is non-toxic.
  • Is scratch, impact, slippage, water, stain, oil, and heat-resistant.
  • Stronger than 10,000 psi
  • Durable for homes with pets and businesses with heavy foot-traffic
  • Anti-fatigue
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
  • Hospitals & clinics use epoxy because they are easy to clean and keep clean. They are resistant to chemicals and wear and tear.
  • Resorts & hotels utilize epoxy flooring because of the beautiful design capabilities epoxy offers
  • Seamless surfaces create safe and easy environments
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
industrial epoxy flooring
Industrial Epoxy Flooring
  • Its resistance to acids and solvents makes an epoxy floor attractive to different industrial facilities
  • Stands up against abrasions, impact, and chemical damages
  • Slip and fire-resistance is important in any industrial area

Garage Floor Epoxy

  • Renders a concrete garage floor exceptionally durable
  • Stain, oil, and vehicle fluid-resistant
  • Protects your garage floor from cracks, moisture damage, stains, and grease
  • Can be designed to mimic another flooring like wood for example
  • Creates a resistant surface that is safe for your friends, family, and visitors
  • Protects against mold and mildew building within your concrete’s pores
  • Seamless surface is a perfect floor to store your vehicle
garage floor epoxy
metallic epoxy floor

Metallic Floor Epoxy

  • Manipulates pigmentation within the epoxy mixture to create never before seen designs
  • Ranges in price but is praised for being highly affordable
  • Can be installed in garages, basements, living spaces, kitchens, hotels, stores, lobbies, etc.
  • Creates a 3D illusion on any surface it is installed in
  • Can never be duplicated
  • The surface can be made to look like craters, clouds, fire, and more
  • Is made of 100% epoxy creating a highly durable and long-lasting surface
  • Are slip and impact-resistant
Wood Stamped Concrete

Rustic Wood Flooring

  • Much more durable and affordable than authentic wood
  • Can replicate the look, feel, and authenticity of wood flooring
  • Versatility is a huge attractive factor for buyers who want long-lasting wood flooring in outdoor areas like patios and pool decks
  • Can be installed in garages, sidewalks, and driveways
  • Is resistant to water, scratching, staining, and more than real wood simply cannot
  • Highly durable and extremely decorative
  • Can be installed in any building or home
  • Is quickly installed
  • Creates a seamless wood floor surface making it easily cleaned and resistant to shrinkage by temperature changes
  • Great for animals and children
  • Anti-fatigue
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