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Our technicians are the most qualified professionals you will find in the Georgia area. Our team takes pride in excellent customer service and unmatchable final products. An epoxy garage coating is a delicate process that should only be performed by a licensed professional because there are many benefits that will be lost otherwise. Never trust just anyone with your floors, especially DIY kits, call the professionals. With decades of combined experience, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen. For more information on epoxy Georgia garage floor coatings, give our team a call today.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

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Flake Epoxy Coating

As one of the most affordable decorative epoxy options for your garage floors, flake epoxy creates a light ambiance that many garage owners adore. With multi-colored flakes, the decorative look is unlike any other and can be described as small colored dots on your floors. Epoxy garage floor coatings do not and should not be overly expensive, with our team you receive high-quality epoxy floors like flake epoxy for affordable prices.

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Metallic Epoxy Coating

Everyone desires beautiful, yet affordable floors and a metallic epoxy floor coating does just the thing. With incredible designs, a metallic epoxy floor coating creates a 3D illusion where the floor you are standing on may resemble clouds, rocks, or stars. Each epoxy floor is unique and can never be duplicated because it is a true work of art. Metallic epoxy is the strongest epoxy available because it resists all types of damages that would cause repairs or replacement with other floors.

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An epoxy garage floor coating, when installed professionally, creates a glass-like finish that may make it seem wet or slippery. A well-installed epoxy coating can be installed with different patterns, textures, and designs to reflect your vision. The beauty and looks of your floors do not make them weak or damageable.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

In the Georgia area, we take great pleasure in installing floors that will last garage owners for decades down the road. We are fully equipped to turn any dull, old, or boring garage into the space of your dreams.

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    Did you know that installing an epoxy garage floor coating on your own turns the project into a much more expensive and tiresome ordeal? When you hire the professionals, that’s us, you are guaranteeing quick installation and undeniable results.

  • Covering defects is an important benefit of a professionally installed epoxy floor coating. When done professionally, any minor bruises your concrete may have can be hidden by an epoxy coating but if your coating is poorly installed the opposite effect may occur.
  • Affordability stretches far beyond the initial installment of your garage floor epoxy coating. These floors do not require long-term repairs or maintenance, require fewer materials, and simply cost less than other flooring solutions.
  • An epoxy garage floor coating is resistant to shock, meaning when heavy objects are dropped on your floors surface no marks will be left. Resistance to heat is a unique trait that an epoxy coating offers garage owners. This resistant quality makes an epoxy coating fantastic for home safety.
  • Any chemicals that come in from the outside world, dropped by your cars or spilled on your garage epoxy coated floors will not harm them. Epoxy coatings are resistant to any chemical breakdown.
  • Epoxy garage floors will never have to worry about water damage because after the epoxy mixture cures with your concrete outside moisture is completely blocked. When there isn’t water sitting in your concretes pores there is no room for mold, mildew, or bacteria growth.
  • Maintenance for an epoxied garage floor is little to none.
  • Eco-friendly is a big plus because it means fewer materials are required to install your epoxy garage floors. This leads to less time without your garage and more time using your incredibly strong floor.
Commercial Garage Floor Epoxy

For large garages, whether those are multi-level or not, many owners have switched over to epoxy protected concrete garage floors. An unprotected slab of concrete wears down quickly, stains easily, and chips/breaks much more quickly than it would if it had an epoxy layer.

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Residential Garage Floor Epoxy

Homeowners from all parts of the country are switching to epoxy floor coatings because of their incredible affordability and long lifespans. An epoxy garage floor, when done professionally, will last well over 15 years. Not only will your floors last but they will look great while doing it.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

What is an epoxy coating and why should you install it in your garage? An epoxy coating is one of the toughest most durable and long-lasting floors available. Not only does this coating protect your garage floor from constant and unavoidable damage but it also takes a dull looking garage and transforms it into a beautiful masterpiece. An epoxy mixture is made up of resin and hardeners that blend together to create a chemical reaction once it has been applied to your concrete floors. When the epoxy mixture turns from a liquid to a solid it penetrates your concretes pores, creating a strong and resistant surface that will last much longer than any other unprotected concrete floor.

It is vital to have an epoxy floor coating installed in your residential garage because of the many benefits. An affordable and long-lasting floor that also includes safety features that no other flooring solution can offer is hands down the best way to go. Epoxy garage floors turn normal garages into amazing extra rooms, gyms, offices, or storage spaces. Whatever you’re using your garage for, an epoxy coating will enhance it.

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Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Installation

How long does an epoxy floor coating take? An epoxy garage floor is installed within 24 to 72 hours and will last for decades more. When you first hire a professional to install your floors, they will inspect your concrete floors condition to ensure that an epoxy coating will take with your floors. The inspection will also include noting and fixing any areas that are cracked, broken, sunken, stained, and old. Once that has been properly taken care of the epoxy process may begin with a small amount of grinding to open up your concretes pores and the mixture can be lain after that. There are tests in between those steps that only a professional would be equipped for like, temperature testing. It is crucial to have the temperature of the area tested prior to any epoxy work because extremes going in either direction can negatively impact the final product of your epoxy floor. Moisture levels should also be consistently monitored when an epoxy floor is installed. Many of the aforementioned steps are very important to successfully install an epoxy garage floor coating.

Garage Floor Coating


  • Mopping your floors on a bi-weekly basis is not only for hygienic purposes but for safety as well.
  • Sweep epoxy garage floors regularly to minimize the amount of dirt, debris, and grime that will sit on the surface of your floor, dulling its shine.
  • Never use cleaners with high levels of acidity because they will damage your epoxy coating.
  • Avoid deep scrubbing isolated sections with strong cleaners because you may scrub away your concretes protective epoxy layer.
  • Do not allow any cleaners to dry on your concretes surface.
  • It is important to let your cleaner sit on your epoxy garage floor for a short period of time to give the cleaner enough time to breakdown the debris.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they are noticed.
  • For any other questions or concerns about your specific epoxy garage floor, give us a call today.

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