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There is a common problem with most garages and homeowners across the country are plagued by it. Let’s face it, the bare concrete in your garage is an eyesore that only job is collecting dust and staining. We have a solution that will bring your garage back to life, and that flooring option is called epoxy. Out team of epoxy garage floor installers have decades of experience so you won’t have to sweat about regular Joe ruining the job. Let us tell you why our team of epoxy garage floor installers can make your garage beautiful.


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When you choose to use our team of epoxy garage floor installers, you get a customer first experience. We will put all hands on deck with your job so it gets done as fast as possible so you can get your vehicle back into the garage. Our epoxy garage floor installers will have your job done in as little as 3 days if weather permits. Always make sure to stay off the epoxy until 24 hours and keep vehicles off for 72 hours.

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What our clients love most about uses our services is that we treat you with respect. We are in your home so we will always clean up after ourselves and our team of epoxy garage floor installers will always the best possible result to your home so you can take pride in our work.

Epoxy Garage Floor Installers


Our team of epoxy garage floor installers take pride in knowing that they offer the best rates in installing garage floor epoxy in Thomasville. We are able to beat out the competition in pricing for the simple fact that we are fast and can take on multiple jobs at once. Just because you are paying these low prices doesn’t mean you get low-quality material either, we only use the highest grade materials available on the market. Make sure to call us today for a free quote!


The process of preparing for the garage epoxy is what our team of epoxy garage floor installers have decades of experience in doing. We will always urge that you only use professional workers when doing this process as most people and even companies will skip steps to save time and money, but we will never do that. Below is a general outline of what we do to the concrete slab before installing the epoxy.

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  • The first step is always repairing all imperfections on the concrete slab whether it be cracks, gouges or even stains. The cracks are repaired because that is how epoxy flooring gets its seamless finish and all stains are lifted to make sure the epoxy resin forms a strong bond to the concrete slab with no foreign objects underneath.
  • The next step that our epoxy garage floor installers take is profiling the concrete slab and this process can be done two ways. The most common method is using grinders with diamond wheel attachments and the lesser known method is shot blasting the surface of the concrete slab. Both methods are how epoxy flooring sticks to the concrete slab as they open the pores of the concrete.
  • The final step is a mixture of checking the slab for any more imperfections and applying a layer of epoxy primer. After an inspection and coat of epoxy primer has been completed, the application of eopxy flooring can begin.

Epoxy flooring gets its amazing chemical resistance through its nearly impenetrable top coat as no liquids at all for this matter can pass through it. When properly installed by our epoxy garage floor installers, the chemical will be isolated on the top of the epoxy flooring for easy cleanup and removal, keeping your home environmentally friendly.

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Our team of epoxy garage floor installers always make sure the top coat of the epoxy is always installed correctly as it plays a major role in epoxy flooring. The top coat is extremely light reflective surface so it can make the garage appear up to 300 percent brighter without any additional lighting sources, saving you money.


One of the best qualities of having your epoxy flooring installed by our team of epoxy garage floor installers is how strong they can make your epoxy flooring. By professionally installing your epoxy, you will receive the best available materials, the best preparation and the best result possible so your garage floor will be able to take a beating. Garage floor epoxy is able to handle vehicle traffic, dropped parts or tools and even the use of heavy machinery that vibrations destroy other flooring with ease. Not only is this flooring strong, but it also works with the concrete slab to make the slab even stronger. With epoxy flooring, your concrete slab will be up to 300 percent stronger and last an average of 2-3 times longer than bare concrete.

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A feature that our team of epoxy garage floor installers and homeowners love the most about epoxy flooring is how many ways it can be customized to fit any preference. Our epoxy garage floor installers are trained in using a huge pallet of colors, using multi-colored or single colored flakes, and even the use of metallic pigments to make your garage floor epoxy truly yours. For the extreme enthusiasts, our epoxy garage floor installers are able to place emblems or logos into the epoxy so you can showcase how much you love your favorite brand. With an epoxy garage floor, you will turn your neighbors green with envy every time you open your garage door.

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Our team of epoxy garage floor installers only use the highest grade materials which are the 100 percent epoxy system when installing epoxy flooring no matter where it is or what it is going to be used for. These epoxies consist of two parts, an epoxy resin which is two-thirds of the formula and a hardener which is the last third of the epoxy formula. When these two are combined, they must be mixed thoroughly so all the right chemical reactions take place, and that is what our team of epoxy garage floor installers is trained to do.

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