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We have all been in the situation of choosing new flooring and not once has anyone actually enjoyed this process. Whether if it is flooring for your home or your business it just feels as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place and that is just unacceptable. Modern problems require modern solutions and the modern flooring solution is epoxy flooring in Thomasville. No longer will you have to worry about how fragile a beautiful flooring is or how ugly the durable flooring is, with epoxy flooring in Thomasville, your flooring will be as beautiful as it is durable, and it can handle some abuse!


Metallic Epoxy Floor


Metallic epoxy flooring in Thomasville is one of the most unique floorings on the market as it can replicate effects that are unheard of outside of metallic epoxy flooring. With a metallic epoxy flooring, the flooring in your home or facility will be able to mimic the effects of lava flowing, waves crashing in, and even the effects of a weather doppler! The coolest fact about metallic epoxy flooring in Thomasville is the fact that your flooring will never be perfectly replicated, not even by the same contractor.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy flooring in Thomasville is one of the key choices for many commercial facilities as it offers benefits that can excel the production and make the environment safer. Epoxy flooring is also a USDA approved flooring option so it can be used in both food and beverage facilities like restaurants and even in the medical field where it is most commonly used in surgical rooms. Epoxy flooring is also quickly installed so no shut down is required during the installation process.


One of the most common uses of epoxy flooring is in the garage and it thrives in the garage so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Epoxy flooring is very durable and can handle the pressure of heavy vehicle traffic, dropped objects and epoxy flooring won’t stain or absorb harmful substances found in the garage such as oil and other vehicle fluids. Epoxy flooring is also moisture proof, so you won’t have to worry about rain floods messing up your flooring.


The process of preparing to install an epoxy flooring in Thomasville is tedious and must be done precisely if you want the epoxy flooring to last its full lifetime. This is why we only recommend using trained professionals to do this task. Our contractors have decades of combined experience and here is a general outline of what we do prior to installing the epoxy flooring in Thomasville.

Epoxy Floor Coating
  • The whole process begins with repairing all imperfections on the concrete slab such as minor cracks, scratches and gouges and the lifting of stains on the concrete slab. These repairs will make the surface of the epoxy flooring appear smooth and seamless and the removal of stains will secure the epoxy resin tighter to the concrete slab without any foreign materials under the epoxy.
  • After the repairs have been made, the next process of preparation begins, the process of profiling the concrete slab. This can be done one of two ways, the most common is the use of a grinder with a diamond wheel attachment or the use of a shot blaster. Both of these methods are the best ways to open the pores of the concrete to allow for a good bond.
  • After this process is completed, there is only one more step before the installation of epoxy can begin and that is a close inspection of the concrete slab to check for any more imperfections or stains and a nice coat of epoxy primer is applied.
Usda Approved Flooring

One feature of epoxy flooring in Thomasville is that the flooring has been approved by the USDA for use in food and medical facilities. This is thanks to the hygienic and seamless surface of epoxy flooring that is easily disinfected with minimal effort and no place of refuge or bacteria to hide and reproduce.

Epoxy Concrete Floor
Epoxy Flooring Contractors
Chemical Resistant

Another amazing feature of the epoxy floorings top coat is that it makes the flooring resistant to nearly all chemicals. The top coat of the epoxy flooring in Thomasville isolates the chemical on the surface and won’t allow for them to sink under it so it is easy to clean up and dispose of keeping the environment safe.


What most people love about epoxy flooring in Thomasville is this flooring option can be customized to the heart’s desire and more! We offer a huge selection of colors, options for paint flakes, and even metallic pigments to capture the exclusive metallic epoxy flooring system. We even offer the option to place a logo or an emblem into your flooring which many enthusiasts love! At the end of the day, how you view your flooring is what is important to us and with an epoxy flooring in Thomasville, your flooring will be your vision and that’s what we love delivering the most.


We only use 100 percent solid epoxy systems because they are the strongest form of epoxy flooring and not to be confused with the low-quality materials that can be bought from the local hardware store. Our materials are formulated to perform in intense environments found in industrial complexes so you will never have to worry about your flooring not being able to roll with the punches. Our epoxy flooring is able to handle impact from dropped objects, heavy foot, and vehicle traffic and even the use of machinery without showing signs of wear and tear for well over 20 years! Epoxy flooring in Thomasville is also known to make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last an average 2-3 times longer than a bare or polished concrete floor.

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Maintain epoxy flooring in Thomasville

While the maintenance on an epoxy flooring in Thomasville may seem simple, it is a crucial element in how long your epoxy flooring is going to last so always treat upkeep with the utmost urgency and never sweep it under the rug. For low traffic areas perform maintenance at least once or twice a week and for high traffic at least daily. Always start by removing all loose debris, this can be done with a soft bristle broom or a dust mop. After all, debris is gone, use a standard wet mop to clean the surface of the epoxy flooring in Thomasville. Before adding any cleaning agents always test them on the floor. To do this, mask off a tiny area and apply only a few drops of the material and let sit for five minutes. If nothing happens you are good to go but if the material turns the surface cloudy, use the cleaner in an area that doesn’t have any epoxy, in other words, don’t use it to clean the epoxy flooring in Thomasville.

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