Embracing Concrete With Customization

Embracing Concrete

With Customization

Custom concrete is the newest way to update your boring drab concrete with a variety of methods including color, style, texture, patterns, border, and more that become a part of the concrete’s surface. Nearly any concrete surface can be customized to meet all of your design and functionality needs.
Colored concrete
Stained Concrete
Colored concrete is the most common form of customized concrete. Nearly any color combination can be created by adding color to the concrete mixture when the concrete is poured or you can apply a color hardener to the surface of the concrete after it is poured. Although integrally colored concrete may be more cost effective, adding a color hardener not only allows for more color options, but it also gives the surface of the floor more durability. Regardless of whether you choose to integrate the color into the concrete pour or to add a colored hardener, colored concrete is an excellent cost effective option for customized concrete.
Stamped concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is another form of custom concrete that adds style, durability, and longevity to your concrete surfaces. By combining color, texture, and pattern, concrete is transformed into a product that enhances any interior or landscape that is imaginable.

If you are looking for a more rustic feel, or a way to dress up concrete that is already poured, you may want to consider concrete stain. Stained concrete is designed to give any type of concrete a custom look and feel with finishes ranging from translucent to opaque or glossy to matte.

Decorative overlays
Concrete Overlays
Decorative overlays have gained popularity over the past decade and are designed to cover old or worn out concrete without having to replace the concrete completely. Overlays can also be used on existing concrete that is structurally sound to add the look, texture, color, and pattern that you desire. Overlays range in thickness and can be applied in a smooth glasslike texture or can be stamped to increase customization.
Polished concrete
Polished concrete is the latest and hottest trend in the decorative concrete resurfacing world. Polished concrete provides a cost effective alternative to other flooring options. Polishing involves a multi step grinding process using increasingly finer grits until the desired level of polish or shine is achieved. Towards the end of the polishing process, chemicals are added as well as stains or dyes to further customize and harden the surface for increased durability.
Concrete countertops
Concrete Countertops
In addition to all of the flooring options, don’t discount concrete as other decorative surfaces. Concrete countertops are popping up in homes all across the country. Precast concrete applications can combine other techniques to accomplish works of art that can be used as countertops, bathtubs, fireplace surrounds, or even furniture.
Many techniques can be combined to increase customization when it comes to your concrete surfaces. If you can dream it, it is a pretty safe bet that it can be accomplished with custom concrete.