6 Inspiring Pool Designs

6 Inspiring

Pool Designs

Pool Deck Designs

From slip resistance to heat reflectivity, there are many things to consider when choosing a pool deck. Your pool deck sets the tone for you poolscape design and can either blend or clash with your overall landscape and home aesthetic. Here are some luxury design options to consider for your pool deck redesign.

Pool Deck Pavers
When looking for an economical option, opt for pavers. Although concrete is also affordable, pavers do not have to be treated, stamped, smoothed or coated making them one of the least labor intensive and money saving options. Pavers also offer a wide variety of design options allowing you to truly customize your pool deck. From cobblestone to brick pavers, the design choices are virtually limitless. Keep your pavers in good shape by starting with the right compaction. Taking the time to dig out and level the pool deck area prior to placement of pavers is an important step in the process to ensure that your pool deck remains level and safe for the long haul.
Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
When choosing stamped concrete it is easy to customize because you can personalize it with a pattern such as cobblestone, brick, or wood look. Choosing lighter shades helps to reflect the heat away from the surface to ensure a comfortable pool deck for you and your guests. Some design options include adding a border in a contrasting color or pattern, broom finished concrete for safety and texture, or adding terraced levels to provide differentiation between. An etched hand cut border is another interesting design choice to set your stamped pool deck apart.
Kool Decking
kool Pool Deck
A very important thing to consider when choosing your next pool deck design is that a hot pool deck plus bare feet equals major regret. Kool Deck is the premier heat reducing surface overlay that can reduce the temperature of your pool deck by 30%. No other paver, stone or other overlay comes close to the comfort of Kool Deck. Kool decks uses a stamped process to give a modern look of travertine, stone, slate, or granite. Use lighter colors to maximize the cooling effects. Kool Deck offers timeless versatility and durability that will keep your pool deck looking fresh for many decades to come.
Tile Pool Deck
Tile Pool Deck
To create a seamless indoor to outdoor transition, you can create a tile pool deck using the same or complementary tile that you have chosen for the interior of your home. Although tiles can be slippery when wet, play it safe and have your pool deck area graded for slip resistance or choose unglazed terracotta or water impervious porcelain that will not only protect from slips and falls but also withstands frosts and freezes.
Concrete Overlays
Certain design types such as mid-century modern or contemporary call for seamless, clean, modern lines. Concrete may be just the ticket to complement the look you wish to achieve. Not only is concrete one of the least expensive options, but with the wide array of overlay colors and textures, you can still achieve a beautiful backyard oasis with basic concrete.
Painted concrete deck
Pool Deck Overlay
A coat of paint in your chosen color and a can of sealer many be all that is necessary to bring your old pool deck back to life. You can paint a monocromatic color, or you can use a design or stencil to add more detail to your deck. This may be the simplest option for your pool deck, but it can also be as detailed as you desire to make it. You can etch a design into the concrete prior to painting, or leave a clean look with your color choice.
When it comes to pool deck options the sky is the limit for designs and features. Dream big and get started on your updated pool deck today.