Luxury Garage Flooring Made Affordable

Luxury Garage Flooring

Made Affordable

Garage Floor Coating
Are you looking for a way to turn your boring, dusty and gray garage into the garage of your dreams without leaving a lasting mark on your life savings? Tired of looking for that luxury flooring system that you crave and getting met with subpar flooring systems that offer little to no resistances, boring customization or an insanely high price tag? We know finding the right flooring system for your garage can be tough, so today, our goal is to help you realize that maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong section of your local home improvement store for your coating. Maybe what you need is a garage floor epoxy and today, we are going to show you why we think it is luxury garage flooring made affordable. So let’s get started!

What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage floor epoxy is a material that is made up of 2 basic elements, epoxy resin, and a hardener. When the two materials are mixed together, a powerful chemical reaction occurs resulting in an ultra-durable flooring system. There are variations of epoxy as well such as water-based, 100 percent solid epoxies and the paint on “epoxies”. The water-based and 100 percent solid epoxy are the 2 main epoxies with roll-on materials being subpar at best in most cases. There are types of custom epoxies that can be used in the garage as well like metallic epoxy flooring and epoxy terrazzo that supply an extremely one of a kind appearance.
Customizing Your Garage Floor Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy
One of the best features of garage epoxy is the wide range of customization that is able to be achieved since the material starts in a liquid form, basically making room for unlimited variations of the flooring. What you will find when using a professional contractor to install your flooring is that they will offer a wide range of base colors, multi-colored or single-colored flakes and even the ability to have logos or designs placed directly into the epoxy. Taking a look at the custom epoxies we talked about earlier, the epoxy terrazzo and metallic epoxy, metallic epoxy uses metallic pigmentation to craft finishes that resemble lava, fire, and even clouds! With epoxy terrazzo, you have the option to place objects into the epoxy like chunks of granite or marble, glass, and even quartz crystals!
Investing With Garage Floor Epoxy
Epoxy Floor Coating
Along with offering an upfront cost that is friendly with most budgets, epoxy flooring is an amazing way to further and protect the investments that you are making into your home. By protecting and making your concrete seamless, homeowners have reported an increase in the value of their home by up to 5% and a return of investment of up to 70%! Not only will garage epoxy make your home more valuable and more attractive on the housing market, but it can also increase the lifespan of your concrete by at least 5 years when installed by a professional contractor. But with the good comes the bad and down below, you will find the pros and cons of investing with an epoxy garage floor:
  • Can increase the value of your home
  • Will make your home a more viable option on the market
  • Offers an increase in lifespan to your concrete slab
  • Epoxy can become cracked with age/ thermal expansion and contraction
  • Can become delaminated if not installed correctly
  • Lifetime depends on the current condition of the concrete
Why Use A Garage Floor Epoxy?
Garage Epoxy Flooring
While the customization and investment factors of using an epoxy garage floor are nice, what else does it bring to the table? Well, for example, epoxy flooring is one of the highest performing systems on the market when using the 100 percent solid epoxy system. This variation of epoxy offers superior resistances ranging from physical damage, chemical damage, and even fire damage. Not to mention, epoxy flooring offers carefree maintenance as it is resistant to stains and will never require the use of waxes or polishes to maintain is sparking shine.

Now that you know all of the key features of a garage floor epoxy, you have a decision to make, DIY or professional installation. We recommend the use of a professional contractor to pull the weight off of your shoulders, many offer warranties and give you the peace of mind you need to use your garage to its fullest capabilities. No matter what route you take, we wish you luck on all of your home improvements to come!